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The start of something new...

2011-01-14 17:13:35 by SHIFTtheHEDGEHOG

I just uploaded my first flash video 'GearMaze'. It had potential, but I didn't have enough time within the 30-day trial for adobe flash professional. If I had $700.00, It'd be complete.

The start of something new...


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2011-01-14 19:12:29

I always try to download some programs....that I need. Like Adobe flash. Sometimes it's really hard to find programs that will stay in your computer without having to have the trail. Good luck with your future games/vids/etc.


2011-01-15 10:14:30

Fuck thats horrible

SHIFTtheHEDGEHOG responds:

yes. yes it is...


2011-06-09 06:22:52

=) cool


2011-08-09 20:50:36

Um you can always get a copy without paying anything *cough* *cough*
Yea it sucks to have a trial only for 30 days.